Online Services for Special Education and 504 Students

Dear Parents,

As you have heard, Universal Academy is implementing a distance learning platform for educational services beginning March 24, 2020. The majority of this learning will take place through digital media depending upon individual student and family needs.

As always, our students with disabilities will have access to all general education services as well as recommendations from their Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) or 504 plans. We believe we will be able to implement most of these plans in the distance learning environment. There will be some instances (e.g., direct speech therapy, occupational therapy, and specialized learning environments) where we may not be able to fully implement your child’s IEP or 504 plan. We are examining each child’s plan to determine how best to proceed while the school buildings are closed. We value your input to determine how best to proceed in light of the disruption of services due to the health crisis.

Soon, you will receive a letter from your child’s monitoring teacher (for students served by an IEP); or dyslexia teacher (for students receiving dyslexia instruction and under a 504 plan.) This letter will explain what services we will be able to provide during this time. You will have the option to accept the services or request a meeting to discuss your concerns. At this time, all meetings will be held through phone or online providers to protect the health of everyone involved.

Once we return to physical campuses, you may request that your child’s team meet to discuss any missed services during the time of distance learning.

You may contact your child’s monitoring teacher, administration, or the Special Programs office if you have any questions.

Diane Harris, Superintendent