Music and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts education is an integral part of the total school instructional program. Arts instruction is outlines high standards and expectations for all students in the four arts disciplines — dance, music, theatre, and visual arts. Students are expected to demonstrate skills in performing and creating works of art, the use of a variety of arts materials and resources, the ability to analyze forms of arts, and an understanding of the cultural forces that shape artistic works.

In addition to the standards-based art and music programs that are offered in each school, the District provides enriched art and music programs. The comprehensive instruction available through these programs provides for individual student needs, interests and talents. Rehearsals for these programs may require after school, evening and weekend rehearsals. Most secondary performances are evening performances.

The District’s arts programs are augmented through collaborations with museums, cultural institutions and artist residencies. Instrumental and choir instruction is available at our middle and high schools. The annual Concert and Art Exhibit provide an enriched performance experience for our most talented musicians, vocalists and artists. These students have an opportunity to meet, rehearse and perform or exhibit with their peers from schools throughout the District in UIL competitions