Creative Arts


The purpose of cheerleading is to create, promote and uphold school spirit and a positive school environment by participating at athletic events and extracurricular activities as deemed appropriate by the campus administration and sponsor. Participation in the regular curriculum is a right afforded to each student, while participation in the extracurricular program is a privilege that carries additional expectations for acceptable conduct.

Chess Club

All students are invited to participate in extra-curricular Chess Club. Any child who understands the basic concepts of the game is invited to join. Students with closely matched skill levels are paired together. Universal Academy has cultivated national chess champions.


Fencing is the art and sport of swordsmanship using a blunt weapon.  Fencers use one of three types of weapons – the foil, the epee, or the sabre.  Students will learn fencing moves such as On Guard, Lunge, Attack and Parry, and Touch; as well as understanding basic rules of competition.

Journalism Club

Universal Academy’s journalism club teaches students the history of journalism, including the laws and ethics that sustain the practice. They are also instructed on the proper way to conduct interviews and improve student understanding concerning editing, design, production, photography, business and advertising.

Theater Arts

Universal Academy’s theatre arts program is structured to develop students’ knowledge in three areas: theatrical performance, technical theatre and design, and theatre history and dramatic literature. Through a combination of classroom study, hands-on production experience and attending professional theatre productions, UA theatre students are able to cultivate their passion for the dramatic arts.