Special Education

Special Ed Programs

Universal Academy provides a continuum of Special Education Programs for students with a broad range of educational disabilities. The services that each Special Education student receives range from related services such as speech, hearing, vision, counseling, to self-contained classrooms.

2016 TSCA SPED Charter School Policies Introduction – Download

Admission Review and Dismissal ARD Committee – Download

Ages 0-5 – Download

Applicability of Texas Education Code Relating to Special Education – Download

Child Find Duty – Download

Closing the Gap – Download

Compliance with Federal Funding Requirements IDEA – Download

Compliance with Federal Funding Requirements Title 1 – Download

Consent – Download

Contracts for Services – Residential Placement – Download

Coordination of Funds for Purchases of Instructional Materials – Download

Curriculum – Download

Diagnosis and Programs of Instruction – Download

District and Campus Improvement Plans – Download

Dyslexia Services – Download

Eligibility – Download

Evaluation Procedures – Download

Extracurricular Activities – Download

Foster Parents – Download

Free Appropriate Public Education – Download

Graduation Requirements – Download

Health and Safety – Download

IEP – Download

Independent Educational Evaluations – Download

Least Restrictive Environment – Download

Monitoring and Compliance – Download

Native Language – Download

Noneducational Community Based Support Services – Download

Open-Enrollment Charter Equal Educational Opportunity – Download

Prior Written Notice – Download

Procedural Safeguards – Download

Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) – Download

Records – Download

Referral for Possible Special Education Services – Download

Shared Services Arrangements – Download

Special Education Teacher and Related Service Provider Qualifications – Download

State Funding Special Allotments – Download

Student Discipline – Download

Teacher Requested Review – Download

Testing – Student Assessment – Download

Transfer of Parental Rights at Age of Majority – Download

Transition Services – Download

Transportation Services – Download