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Elite Prep Basketball Showcase

Elite Prep Basketball Showcase Come support Universal Academy’s Elite Prep Basketball Showcase on December 30 through January 1st at Universal Academy, 2616 N. MacArthur Blvd.,

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Chess Club Membership

The Chess Club is for K- 12th grade students. The chess club meetings will begin Tuesday, October12, 2021-2022. The meetings are held: Tuesdays 7:00AM -7:30AM

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Good news


Great community where my daughter feels welcome. I'm a parent (of an upcoming sophomore) and my first impressions after this past year was that this is a phenomenal school. So far so good.
Michel Harry
I love the teachers attention to every student as well as staff members. They push you outside your comfort zone and let you try new things if you're willing to. They have a really strong emphasis on making sure their students understand the materials.
Yuri Utida
Rules and regulations are taken seriously here. That is exactly what my son needed. He was acting out and doing bad in school until he started here. It was an adjustment at first, but now i am happy to see him doing better and applying himself.
Janis Hall

Diane Harris: Transformation Architect

Diane Harris is more than just a visionary. As founder and superintendent of Universal Academy, the innovative powerhouse has catapulted the academy–which has locations in Irving and Coppell, Texas – into one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the country. With its strong academic core, Universal has received a Bronze Award from U.S. News & World Report as one of the top high schools in the United States. Harris credits the success of the academy to God, her devoted staff, a passion to surpass mediocrity, and the heartbeat of Universal, its students.

UA participates in Oxford International Round Table Symposium

Invitations are sent to selected persons throughout the world.The International RoundTable Symposiums are international educational organizations whose purpose is to promote education, art, science, religion, environmental studies and charity. This purpose is effectuated by the conduct of interdisciplinary symposia and the publication of meritorious manuscripts emanating therefrom. The Round Table seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of contemporary issues that affect the public good in all its various forms and ramifications. The public good is expansively interpreted to include all matters that enrich the human experience and enhance the human condition. The International Round Table Symposiums are unique forums, not a conference in the conventional sense, but rather an opportunity for scholars and leaders to discuss education, art, science, religion and environmental studies in a collegial, “think-tank” atmosphere. The structure of the program allows for the dialogue of participants to freely flow in response to issues presented at each meeting.

School Board Members

Diane Harris: Superintendent, Dr. Dana Jobe: President, Yolanda Brown: Member, Janice Blackmon: Member, Dr. Sharon Greggs: Member, Sandra Hall: Member,  Diane Moshier: Member